10 Animal Cross Stitch Patterns

From traditional to contemporary style, these animal-inspired cross stitch patterns will bring out the beast in your stitching experience. 

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    Looking for an animal cross stitch pattern that is more contemporary and edgy? Why not check out this Geometric Fox pattern from Diana Finch Art. Her animal imagery goes well with both mid-century modern design and more current home decor. She has other animal patterns that compliment this fox design. You can see all of her patterns in her Etsy shop. 

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    Cross Stitch Pattern

    Armadillos get a bad rap, but don't hate on this little guy. He may not be the prettiest in the bunch. What he lacks in looks, he makes up for in personality. If you know someone who has armor on the outside but is really a sweetie on the inside, then you should stitch this little guy for them. You can download the pattern for free at Cross Stitch Pattern.

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    Baby Beaver


    Are you decorating a baby's room? Have fun fixing up the little one's area with this Beaver design. Cross stitch designer ThuHa offers this adorable and fun Baby Beaver pattern in their shop. Kids grow up so fast, so make sure you stitch up both patterns; one for when they are a baby and the other when they are older. This pattern can also be stitched up for those Oregon State Beaver fans in your life.

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    The Tiny Modernist

    Is there anything cuter than a baby panda? They are giant size balls of fur. The Tiny Modernist shares this sweet Panda Bear Pattern for free on her website. This pattern is perfect for those who want to learn how to cross stitch. Have fun teaching your friends how to cross stitch with this easy make and take project. You can download the pattern and other freebies on The Tiny Modernist.

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    Significant Otter


    Anyone can give the bride and groom a toaster, but not everyone can cross-stitch them a sweet otter pattern. Be daring and surprise the happy couple with this adorable Significant Otter cross stitch by CowbellCrossStitch. You can personalize this pattern with their names and the date they tied the knot. Don't forget to stitch one up for you and your sweetie.

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    Everyone loves little pigs. They are so cute! Their little snorts are hysterical. Did you know that pigs are super smart? Yep! It's true. This free Pig pattern by Aurelle would look great in a retro kitchen. Don't forget to be respectful of the original artist and stitch this pattern up for your own personal use, not for sale.

    Pig from Aurelle

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    Animal Crackers

    123 Cross Stitch

    Traditional cross stitch can be fun with this 3-D pattern from Stacy Nash Primitive Designs. This kitty is set to face the world with his little bag of tricks by his side. There are several patterns in this series, so your kitty will have a friend. You can order the supplies as well as the pattern at 123 Cross Stitch.

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    Gvello Stitch

    So many in the cross stitch world also love to do other needlework such as knitting and crocheting. There is a deep love for sheep and the wool they provide. Gvello Stitch shares their love for the fluffy little fellas with their free Sheep pattern. This adorable little creature is tiptoeing through the tulips, nibbling on a flower. You can download this pattern for free from their site. Stitch it up for your favorite knitter.

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    Rustic Moose

    123 Cross Stitch

    This Rustic Moose pattern from 123 Cross Stitch would fit in well at a mountain cabin. While you watch the wildlife roam past your window, you can stitch up this traditional moose pattern. This pattern combines primitive styles with Scandinavian designs. If you don't have a rustic cabin, don't worry, it will look great in your living room too. It makes the perfect winter accessory to your home decor.

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    Chevron Bear

    Cross Stitch Pattern

    A Chevron pattern never goes out of style. This free pattern by Ann from Cross Stitch Pattern is a perfect example of traditional images with up to date design. If these colors aren't your thing, you can mix them up. Why not a pink and purple bear? You can stitch this up for your favorite Bears fan. This bear is updated just enough to make even the rustic cabin look hip and contemporary.