10 Amigurumi Turkey FREE Crochet Patterns

Amigurumi Turkey FREE Crochet Pattern
Knot by Gran'ma

Whether or not you eat turkey, the bird is the most iconic symbol of the Thanksgiving holiday. Dress up your dinner table, your home or your desk for the holidays with a little amigurumi crochet turkey. These ten free crochet turkey patterns each have their own little sense of style!

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    Granny Square Turkey FREE Crochet Pattern
    Petals to Picots

    This amigurumi crochet turkey is unique because its wings are made using five crochet granny squares. It takes a classic motif, turns it on its side and uses it really creatively. It's fun to make and it makes this guy look great on any Thanksgiving display! The free crochet turkey pattern comes from Kara of Petals to Picots.

    Granny Square Crochet Turkey by Petals to Picots

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    Cute Turkey FREE Crochet Pattern
    Teri Crews

    Designer Teri Crews calls this amigurumi pattern "cute turkey" and you can see why. It's super cute. It has that awkward "ugly duckling" thing going for it. This is a free crochet pattern available on Ravelry.

    Amigurumi Crochet Turkey by Teri Crews

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    Amigurumi Turkey FREE Crochet Pattern
    Knot by Gran'ma

    The four cylindrical feathers on this turkey give it a cartoonish feeling that is really adorable. It's a free amigurumi turkey pattern from Knot by Gran'ma accented with a perfect red comb and gobbler.

    Amigurumi Turkey by Knot by Gran'ma

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    Purple Crochet Turkey FREE Pattern

    Have you ever thought about changing up the color of your crochet turkey, going with a purple turkey perhaps? BitterSweet did when this crochet turkey pattern was designed! The wings on this one are unique as well, worked as a single spread instead of individual feathers.

    Purple Amigurumi Turkey by BitterSweet

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    Octo Turkey FREE Crochet Tutorial
    Kristen's Crochet

    Kristen's Crochet offers this free crochet pattern that has a stuffed turkey head stitched onto a set of wings with the unique addition of a turkey leg (in addition to its two turkey legs). It's a fun characterization of the Thanksgiving turkey!

    Stuffed Crochet Turkey by Kristen's Crochet

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    Tiny Amigurumi Turkey Free Crochet Pattern

    This is one of the smallest amigurumi turkey patterns you will find. It works up quickly as long as you know what you are doing with small crochet hooks. Just because it's small doesn't mean it shirks on the details, though. Every little touch has been considered. Plus, its rounded design makes it extra cute!

    Tiny Tom Turkey by Mevvsan

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    Crochet Thanksgiving Turkey Free Pattern
    Hooks and Habits

    The feathers stand out on this crochet turkey. Worked in two different colors with brown edging to keep them all cohesive, they are a key identifying feature of this adorable stuffed crochet turkey.

    Tiny Little Turkey by Hooks and Habits

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    Turkey Leg FREE Crochet Pattern

    Did you like the little amigurumi turkey leg in the above pattern? You can make just a set of these legs as well if you don't want to make the whole turkey! This free crochet pattern from NyanPom is for a tiny turkey leg worked using ​an F size crochet hook. 

    Crochet Turkey Leg by Nyanpon

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    Large Turkey Leg FREE Crochet Pattern
    Stitchin' The Night Away

    Need crochet turkey legs in different sizes? Looking for a big amigurumi stuffed toy to make for Thanksgiving? Stitchin' The Night Away has this free turkey leg crochet pattern that should fit that bill.

    It's designed to be a dog toy but it would work for holiday decor too! And if you have a cat instead of a dog; maybe instead you'd like to check out the catnip turkey leg free crochet pattern from 15AndMeowing.

    Large Crochet Turkey Leg by Stitchin' The Night

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    Kitty Turkey Crochet Pattern

    Speaking of cats, have you ever thought of making a turkey that has a cat body instead of a turkey body? Okay, so you probably haven't, but Cecinatrix thought of it and came up with the crochet pattern, which she offers free through Ravelry. Charming, isn't it? And definitely original!

    Kitty Turkey Amigurumi Pattern by Cecinatrix