Althea DeBrule

Althea DeBrule is a passionate needlepoint artist who believes that anything that can be imagined can be created in needlepoint. For well over four decades she has shared her artistry and love of needlepoint through original designs and patterns as well as online needlepoint websites, tutorials and tips. Constantly inspired by new approaches and ways of thinking about needlepoint, Althea’s goal is to keep needlepoint fresh and exciting by freely sharing with others how they can exercise their own creativity through needlepoint.


Althea has stitched several hundred needlepoint pieces from beginner to advanced levels on stamped, machine printed and hand-painted canvases, as well as on blank fine mesh canvas using needlepoint charts.

In addition to writing and publishing over a thousand online craft related articles and needlepoint tutorials, Althea is the author of two books: The Bargello Christmas Ornament Series and Flawless Bargello Throw Cushions, both of which contain original Bargello and traditional needlepoint patterns. Her original needlepoint adaptation of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Stained Glass wall panel at the entrance to the lobby area of the Arizona Biltmore Hotel has won several awards; and her passion for originality has resulted in a continuous flow of new needlepoint creations.

Althea enjoys providing creative and educational online needlepoint content, and has extensive experience designing, developing and maintaining craft related websites, specifically Bargello Needlepoint.


Althea has advanced in needlepoint expertise through course work completed at The American Needlepoint Guild National Seminars, The Embroiders Guild of America Regional Workshops, and The Callaway School of Needle Arts.

Althea DeBrule

Needlepoint is in my blood! From the first stitch to the last bit of finishing—I love every aspect of this versatile craft! My hope is that you too will catch the excitement as you learn and grow and begin to create your own designs with the helpful tips, information and collection of invaluable working hints available on this site.

As you read and explore, you’ll be able to put your personal touch on every needlepoint project you make. Whether you are a beginner or needlepoint veteran, you’ll find something here to meet your stitching needs and appeal to your taste.

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