Alphabet Rubber Stamps for Adding Text in a Variety of Fonts

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Alphabet rubber stamps are useful for stamping words and sentiments on many rubber stamping projects. These rubber stamps are generally sold in sets that contain a stamp for each letter of the alphabet. Some sets also include numbers and some punctuation symbols.

Alphabet rubber stamps are a great way to add customized text to a project such as a special greeting or sentiment. These stamps are available in all formats, including ready mounted, unmounted, clear or acrylic stamps and foam stamps.

Types of Alphabet Rubber Stamps

Sets of these stamps are available in a wide range of fonts and are often found in upper and lower case. While some alphabet rubber stamps may use familiar fonts and typefaces, many have been custom designed and are unique to the manufacturer or designer.

Alphabet stamps are also found in a wide variety of sizes, from very tiny stamps through to large and bold stamps. Fonts and typefaces used in alphabet rubber stamp designs fall into three main categories.

Ornate, Script, or Calligraphy Alphabet Rubber Stamps

The swirling text of ornate, script or calligraphy fonts is ideal for many different projects and look great when used in stamping projects such as wedding invitations. Script fonts give the impression of handwritten text and often have long sweeping or curling features. These stamps need careful placing as the letters look best when stamped a set distance apart.

These are classic fonts and many manufacturers offer a script alphabet stamp. One design limitation of ornate, script or calligraphy rubber stamps is that they can be difficult to read and are often better suited to headings or titles. The fine lines of the script text also mean that they can be tricky to emboss.

Bold or Basic Font Alphabet Rubber Stamps

Bold fonts which give clear stamped images of a letter are good for projects where clear text is important. These stamps are good for adding titles to a page or for a bold sentiment or greeting on a card and work well in both large and small typefaces.

Bold and basic fonts or typefaces work well both when evenly stamped with fixed spacing or when stamped in more irregular patterns. Alphabet stamps with a bold font give a strong image that is good for embossing. These are a versatile type of alphabet rubber stamp and are ideal for use with many projects.

Decorative or Novel Alphabet Rubber Stamps

There is a wide range of decorative alphabet stamps and these range from very fancy decorative fonts or typefaces through to novelty designs.

These alphabet rubber stamps are perfect for use where the actual text is a major part of the design or where something a little different is required. The placing of these stamps will largely depend on the type of font or typeface and the finished effect required.

Using Alphabet Rubber Stamps

There are many ways that alphabet rubber stamps can be used. Large alphabet stamps are ideal for stamping bold words or for use on a scrapbooking project whereas tiny stamps are perfect for creating a sentiment or greeting for a handmade card. The type and size of font or typeface used will depend on the nature of the project.

Alphabet stamps are available in many forms and the type of stamp will depend on the project. Many large alphabet stamps are made from foam while small and fine detailed stamps are made from rubber or acrylic.

Beginner stampers may find acrylic or clear stamps more straightforward to use. Clear alphabet stamps are easier to place accurately when stamping as the position can be seen through the acrylic block stamping block.


  • Remember to place the stamps backward! When placing the stamps, they need to be placed in the mirror image of the final design.
  • Practice on scratch paper first as getting the correct spacing of the stamps can sometimes be tricky
  • Double and triple check spelling - sometimes so much attention is given to getting the perfect placement of the stamps that spelling mistakes happen!
  • While alphabet rubber stamps give a great deal of flexibility, rubber stamps with ready formed words and phrases may be more convenient. Printing text from a computer is another quick alternative that is ideal when custom text is required.