Down the Rabbit Hole: Alice in Wonderland Cross Stitch Patterns

Fall Down the Rabbit Hole with Alice in Wonderland Cross Stitch

We are all mad here. No truer words have been written. For some, Alice and Wonderland is just a series of books or a Disney movie, but to others, it is a guideline for life. Whatever your interpretation is, you can be sure of one thing, Alice is all about adventure and being fearless against the unknown. Below is a small sampling of the best Alice and Wonderland inspired cross stitch patterns from around the internet. Let's jump down the rabbit hole and see what awaits for us at the bottom, shall we? You first, my dear! 

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    We Are All Mad Here

    We Are All Mad Here

    Cloud Factory 

    Going on an adventure with Alice, you have to be a bit mad, don't you? You see a disappearing cat, an out of control tea party and a very angry queen of hearts. This bold statement can ring true in any realm. This would look amazing in a teacher's office, or maybe for a little extra sass, in a government office. Make a wreath with this pattern in the middle for your front door. It will scare off any unwanted guest and solicitors. Cloud Factory has this and other Alice inspired cross stitch patterns on their website. They have a king and queen that would make a great wedding present for the royalty in your life. You can see their series of Alice patterns on their website.

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    Alice Rocks

    Alice rocks


     Maybe you like your Alice in Wonderland a bit on the edgy side. She's tough and she wants to show off her sassy rock style. Stitchering couldn't agree with you more. They created this fun take on the cute little girl by giving her tattoos, awesome blue hair and a Metallica t-shirt. She is even sporting a Marilyn! This is a great pattern for someone who likes cutesy with a bit of attitude. You can see the pattern, as well as other great takes on Disney characters in their shop

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    Madder by the Hour

    Madder by the Hour


    I'm late! I'm late! Don't be like the white rabbit! Know what time it is with the clever and fun cross stitch clock by OtteryinXStiches. Each hour represents a different character from the story. The Cheshire Cat is watching over every hour and every character. This clock would be great in a child's bedroom or playroom. You can purchase the pattern on their site. 

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    Down the Rabbit Hole

    Down the Rabbit Hole

    The Cottage Needle 

     You can blame the White Rabbit for all of Alice's troubles. If he didn't appear, she would have never chased after him. In retrospect, we can also thank him for the wonderful adventures she went on. Some think that the Cheshire Cat holds the story to Alice, but it really is the White Rabbit that leads us and controls the what we see. Jardin Prive French created this beautiful cross stitch pattern  Alice in Wonderland Snow Globe.  This pattern is in French, but it can be translated. You can find this and so much more online at the Cottage Needle. Seasonal patterns and whimsical patterns are their specialty.

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    Off With Her Head!

    Off With Her Head!

    Mystic Stitch Inc. 

    "Off with her head!" The battle cry of the Queen of Hearts. Just what is her backstory? Why is she so upset? In the Disney movie, we never quite see what happens to her. We hope that she is taken down by someone. Maybe that is why she is upset, she is more of a side note on Alice's adventure. Regardless of the reason, she has a cult-like following (which should make her happy). Mystic Stitch Inc. has the most beautiful version of the Queen of Hearts. She is regal and mysterious. They have so many other patterns to choose from as well as this one. Grab a cup of tea and be prepared for hours of shopping and looking at their site. It is fantastic! You can see more on their website.

How Curious

Alice in Wonderland is a fun adventure for children of all ages. You can lose yourself with the Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat and the White Rabbit. Show your fandom for this amazing story by stitching up one of the many patterns above. Create an entire Alice in Wonderland themed hoopla wall in your house or office. So many wonderful patterns that range from traditional to whimsical to contemporary! You can choose to cross stitch a traditional childlike pattern or go from something more edgy. Do you feel like you just found down the cross stitch rabbit hole?