10 Unique Air Dry Clay Project Ideas

Beautiful Pottery Without a Kiln

mini succulent planters

Air dry clay is similar to traditional clay but doesn't require a kiln to harden. This type of clay is useful for people who want to try their hand at rolling, coiling, stamping, and sculpting clay but don't necessarily want to spend the time and money learning traditional ceramics.

There are some downsides to the product, however. It's not waterproof, for one, and it sometimes crumbles easily. So if you are doing some projects just for fun and don't want them to last forever, air dry clay may be for you!

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    Stamped Air Dry Clay Bowls

    stamped air dry plates
    Alice and Lois

    Air dry clay can easily be shaped into plates and decorated. Use some stamps to impress words of your choice onto the wet clay and allow the clay to dry. The designer of this tutorial meant for these plates to be a Valentine's Day project, but we think they are so cute, that you can use them in any season.

    DIY Stamped Air Dry Clay Bowls from Alice and Lois

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    Clay Leaf Bowl

    clay leaf bowls
    Urban Comfort

    Preserve nature in the form of air dry clay leaf bowls. Choose a leaf whose shape and texture you like and make an impression with it onto a thinly rolled sheet of air dry clay. Cut around the edge of the leaf and form the clay leaf into a bowl.

    Your container will have all of the delicate veins of the leaf as part of its texture. These beautiful bowls make lovely home decor statement pieces.

    Clay Leaf Bowls from Urban Comfort

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    Tropical Themed Air Dry Clay Plates

    tropical themed air dry clay plates
    Mon Ptit Tresor

    Make some graphic black and white tropical themed plates from air dry clay. A round plate, a pineapple, and a tropical leaf are decorated with black and white paint for a trendy look that you will love.

    Coupelles à Bijoux Tropicales et Graphiques from Mon Ptit Tresor

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    Air Dry Clay Necklace

    air dry clay necklace
    Little Button Diaries

    Air dry clay can be used for more than plates! This beautiful scalloped necklace is proof of that. Roll the clay into a thin sheet, and then cut the scalloped pattern from a paper template. Stack, dry, and paint the scalloped shapes to create your one-of-a-kind statement necklace.

    Air Dry Clay Necklace from Little Button Diaries

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    Mini Succulent Planters

    mini succulent planters

    Air dry clay is not waterproof, but you can still make clay pots to contain plants. The secret is to wrap the clay around a plastic container. The mini succulent planter will hold the moisture, and your flower pot will stay nice and dry.

    DIY Mini Succulent Planters from Burkatron

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    Faux Cookies and Biscuits

    toy cookies from air dry clay
    Little Button Diaries

    Children love to imagine they are grown-up chefs when pretending to cook in a play kitchen. Make some faux cookies from air dry clay to add to their fun. These cookies look almost good enough to eat!

    Faux Cookies and Biscuits from Little Button Diaries

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    Mid Century Ceramic Hand Dish

    mid-century ceramic hand dish
    My Poppet Makes

    Mid Century Modern decor has experienced a resurgence of popularity in recent years. These ceramic hand dishes are inspired by the Italian Bitossi studio style of the fifties and sixties. This clay project would be a fabulous Mother's Day craft idea, since the project is easy enough for kids to make!

    Kids Craft: Mid Century Ceramic Hand Dish from My Poppet Makes

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    Clay Pendant Hanging Lamp

    Brit + Co

    Do you have a space that needs some light, but just don't know what to put there? Why not make some of these fun clay pendant hanging lamps! You will have one-of-a-kind lighting that will be an artsy addition to your space, as well as a conversation starter. 

    How to Make a Clay Pendant Lamp from Brit + Co

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    Clay Circle Garland

    clay circle garland

    Garlands are usually made from paper, but why not make a garland out of air dry clay rounds? Circles are cut from the clay and hung from a string. The example in this project uses natural-colored clay, but we believe the garlands would look stunning painted in a vibrant color. What a unique way to make a garland!

    DIY Clay Circle Garland from Poppytalk

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    Clay and Rope Pot

    air dry clay and rope pot
    Fall For DIY

    Make a pot from clay and then add ropes to the upper edges of the bowl for a nautical theme. This is so pretty, you wouldn't believe it's made from air dry clay if we hadn't told you! It looks as though it was purchased at a trendy boutique gift shop.

    DIY Clay and Rope Pot from Fall For DIY