Free Crochet Patterns for Afghans With Floral Designs

Daisies, Roses, Sunflowers and More

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These free afghan patterns all feature floral designs. Choices include afghans and throws featuring daisies, roses, sunflowers, abstract flowers, and other floral themes.

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    Granny-Style Hexagon With Flower in the Center
    Granny-Style Hexagon With Flower in the Center. Granny-Style Hexagon With Flower in the Center -- Photo © Michael Solovay

    You could crochet multiples of this pretty hexagon motif, and then join the hexagons together to make an afghan.

    The central design element here is an easy flower with six petals. If you'd like to crochet just the flower, the free flower pattern is available on our website too.

    Designed By: Amy Solovay

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    Flower Granny Square Pattern
    Flower Granny Square Pattern. Flower Granny Square -- Photo © Amy Solovay

    You could use this little granny square as a design element in a floral afghan or other project. There's also a coordinating plain granny square you can pair it with, if you like.

    Designed By: Amy Solovay

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    Aster Flower Granny Square
    Aster Flower Granny Square. Aster Flower Granny Square -- Photo © Lori Jean Karluk

    You could use this gorgeous granny square to crochet artistic, three-dimensional afghans, pillows or other projects. It so happens we have a pillow pattern posted that you can make using this design -- but if you apply some creativity, you could also create a blanket or afghan.

    Designed By: Lori Jean Karluk

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    Daisy and Black-Eyed Susan Flower Afghan Pattern

    Daisy Afghan Pattern
    Daisy Afghan Pattern. Daisy Afghan Pattern -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

    These pretty floral motifs could be either daisies or black-eyed susans, depending on the colors you choose for crocheting them. Sandi Marshall has shared several different placement diagrams for using these lovely designs in a floral afghan; alternatively, you could also create pillows, table linens or other types of projects.

    Designed By: Sandi Marshall

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    Paisley Flower Afghan

    Paisley Flower Afghan
    Paisley Flower Afghan. Paisley Flower Afghan -- Photo © Sandi Marshall

    Sandi Marshall has shared several different variations of her paisely flower design. You can work this design in filet crochet, or you could cross stitch it on a crocheted background.

    • Paisley flower design -- Free chart for the basic square, plus historical information about paisley motifs
    • Paisley flower afghan design where the motif is alternated with solid squares; paisley flowers form a diagonal pattern
    • Paisely flower afghan with alternating dark and light squares.

    Designed By: Sandi Marshall

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    Design Your Own Floral Afghans Using Our Free Charts

    Rose Blanket Featuring Cross Stitch on Top of Tunisian Crochet
    Rose Blanket Featuring Cross Stitch on Top of Tunisian Crochet -- Blanket Designed and Crocheted by Nanette Carpenter; Rose Chart Designed by Sandi Marshall. Rose Blanket -- Photo and Blanket Design © Nanette Carpenter; Rose Chart © Sandi Marshall

    We've posted many free charts you can use to design your own floral afghans, throws, pillows or other projects.

    Pictured here: Nanette Carpenter designed this lovely floral blanket using Sandi Marshall's rose chart. Nanette says,

    "I just finished my first cross stitch on top of tunisian crochet project.  It was a really ambitious project and I am so pleased with the finished project, that I wanted to share my picture with you...I have made a few adjustments to the pattern for my...MORE project, but I think it turned out very well."

    I agree; it turned out lovely! Thanks, Nanette!

    If you would like to design your own floral afghan like Nanette did, here are some free charts you are welcome to use:

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    Sunflower Afghans and Throws

    These afghans and throws all feature a sunflower theme. The links below will take you to the free sunflower patterns, which are all posted at various other web sites on the Internet.

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    More Free Patterns for Flower Afghans and Throws

    The following free crochet patterns are made available to you through other Internet web sites.

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    Free Crochet Patterns for All of These Designs Are Available Here at
    Free Crochet Patterns for All of These Designs Are Available Here at Flowers | Blankets | Easy Baby Blanket - Photos © Michael and Amy Solovay

    We offer many more free crochet patterns for you to use and enjoy. Want to find more of them? If so, here are some additional pages you may wish to explore.