5 Adventure Themed Cross Stitch Patterns

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Love adventure? Even when you can't get out, you still need a reminder to unplug and stop running the rat race. The patterns below are a gentle and beautiful way to remember that sometimes you need to stop what you are doing and have fun. Life can't always be about sitting at a desk or being chained to a job. Don't get all stressed out! Smile! Enjoy the sunshine! Grab your floss and fabric–we are heading out on a stitchy adventure. 

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    Wild and Free

    redbeardesign / Etsy

    Sometimes we need to break out of our shell and go wild and free–throw those clothes off, run naked through a field of lavender. Okay, that might be a bit much. Let's start out with something much simpler like this colorful Wild and Free pattern from Red Bear Design. This is just one of several quote charts that you can stitch up. Create a whole wall of happiness. Stitching this pattern instead of running around naked might also save you that embarrassing trip to the police station. Don't forget to sign up for their newsletter. You can get free patterns and info on sales from time to time. 

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    Let's Go on an Adventure

    TinyBoxesDesigns / Etsy

    Adventure is just around the corner. It doesn't have to cost much, you don't even have to leave the country. You can find it on your street, and in your town and city. If you need to take baby steps why not start out with stitching up an adventure? Try this one: Tiny Little Boxes' Let's Go on an Adventure pattern. This whimsical chart is a perfect reminder to let go of stress and find an adventure, whether it is climbing a mountain or sitting in front of the TV stitching.

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    The Mountains are Calling

    BananyaStand / Etsy

     Do you have a friend with a cabin in the mountains? Maybe you need to get out and smell some fresh air. Are the mountains calling your name? Remember that feeling that you have each time you get to the great outdoors with a pattern from Banaya Stand. Their shop has so many inspiring and fun quotes. Pick out a few, stitch them up and hang a few around the house as great reminders of how awesome you are. 

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    Adventure is Out There


    Adventure is out there if you really want it. Inspired by Disney's Up, this pattern would make a perfect gift for someone you know who loves the movie. It's an uplifting film about love, adventure and friendship...not to mention squirrels! Stitch and a Song creates intricate detailed patterns that are mostly related to Disney themes. These patterns are definitely for someone who is a bit more skilled but don't let that scare you off–remember, you are up for an adventure!

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    Adventure Awaits

    Crosslings / Etsy

    Just don't sit there, get up and get out! Adventure awaits! What kind of adventure are you looking for? Is it sailing around the world? Climbing the highest peak? Maybe it's something as simple as getting a good night's sleep. The good people at Crosslings want you to stitch up their Adventure Awaits pattern. This would be an excellent wedding present or graduation gift. Give the happy couple or new grad a reminder of the life they have ahead of them. 

Follow Your Arrow

Whether you are the type who seeks out wild and crazy rides or the type that likes to just sit back and relax, make sure the adventure you choose makes you happy. Adventure inspired cross stitch patterns make great presents for newlyweds, new home owners or graduates. They also are great for offices and classrooms. Just remember to stitch up a reminder to take time for yourself and love life.