12 Festive Advent Calendar Crafts

Numbered brown pieces of paper hung by string and clothespins.

Fresh Mommy Blog

No matter your age, you can appreciate the fun that comes with advent calendars. Advent calendars are wonderful ways to count down the days until Christmas when you’ll spend precious time with loved ones and celebrate the season.

Advent calendars allow you to open one (usually tiny) gift each day of December until the 25th. Most store-bought advent calendars include small chocolates in their boxes, offering a daily sweet treat before the holiday. Others offer things like small toys and trinkets to hold you over until the big day.
While the calendars from the store are fun, they don’t always offer the treats you really want for Christmas (we love DIY crochet animal pals). Plus, you can’t typically reuse them so you’ll have to purchase a new advent calendar each holiday season. 

But by DIY-ing your own advent calendar, you can reuse it for years to come and customize it with your favorite holiday treats.