Advanced Crochet

Patterns, Stitches and Techniques for Advanced Crochet

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Looking for a challenging crochet pattern, stitch or technique? The following resources are available on the topic of advanced crochet.

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    Advanced Crochet Patterns

    women hands crochet woolen carpet
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    We've posted a number of free crochet patterns for advanced crocheters; this list features a unique mix of new, contemporary patterns and classic favorite patterns.  Here are  some of the vintage patterns available.

    1902 Crocheted Bead Chatelaine (Purse)
    1914, 1917 Single Tassels (7 patterns)
    1914, 1951 Edgings with Crocheted Rings
    1915 Crochet Edging on Fabric Circle
    1915 Finger-Purse Coin Purse
    1915 Venetian Collar, Lace Edging
    1915 Venetian Grapes and Leaves Appliques
    1917 Filet Doily with Cluster Edging
    1917 Fleur-de-lis Handbag & Shells Shoulder Bag
    1917 Fringe
    1917 Knot Stitch Flower Sachet
    1917 - 1940s Hats (7 patterns)
    1919 Filet Crochet Edging
    1920 Birds Filet Crochet Sweater
    1920 Butterfly Filet Crochet Yoke
    1920s Filet Crochet Rose Yoke
    1920s Flower/Clover Edging
    1920 Knot Stitch Edgings
    1920s Knot Stitch Yoke
    1920s Man's Ski Hat with Chin Strap
    1920s Tam (Hat) with Rose
    1921 Rose Filet Crochet Fringed Sweater
    1923 Tasseled Edging
    1940s Handbags
    1940s Three-tassel Curtain Pull
    1949 Double Ruffled Doily (Swirl Center)

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    Advanced Crochet Stitches

    Crochet hook with blue wool making openwork scarf
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    The following crochet stitches require patience and skill to execute:

    This is not a complete list of the crochet stitches we cover on our web site. If you'd like to take a look at some other options, visit our page of crochet stitches. You'll find free instructions for many other types of stitches, including Tunisian crochet stitches, texture stitches, and? Tunisian crochet stitches.

    The Tunisian knit stitch is an interesting variant of the Tunisian crochet stitch genre because it looks less like crochet and more like knitting. The result, however, is thicker and has less stretch than a knitted fabric. 

    Another interesting variant you might find useful for some projects is the Tunisian crochet in the round, which is just what the name implies: a stitch that allows you to make tubular objects. While Tunisian crocheted socks might be a reach, a decorative Christmas stocking using the Tunisian crochet in the round stitch might be the very thing, particularly in a nice Christmasy bright red. 

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    Advanced Crochet Techniques

    Rainbow beaded necklace on a textile background close up
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    • Aran crochet-- All crochet is textured, but aran crochet is really textured. If you'd like to add cables, bobbles, and texture stitches to your crochet work, aran crochet is a fantastic advanced technique to try.
    • Bead crochet -- Advanced crocheters can achieve some fabulous effects with bead crochet.
    • Filet crochet -- Filet crochet patterns are available in a wide range of skill levels, from easy to advanced. Fine threads are popular for use in filet crochet, but they do require extreme patience, not to mention skill, to use.
    • Intermeshing or Double Filet Crochet -- If you ever get bored with filet crochet, here's a new twist on it that's intriguing and absorbing.
    • Wire crochet
    • Fabric crochet
    • Cro-Tatting
    • See more crochet techniques for some interesting variants of crochet, including crochet techniques that employ wire and  beads and information about freeform crochet techniques where the resulting object is as much art as it is craft. These advanced techniques are challenging, but when you have the time and want to make something truly unusual and memorable, these approaches might be just what you're looking for.