Free Adult Bib Patterns for Sewing

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An adult bib, also known as a dignity bib, is a simple sewing project that even beginners can easily master. The adult bib patterns below can be used for a wide range of purposes.

  • 01 of 12 offers a free pattern and simple directions for sewing adult bibs. A bit of sewing experience is suggested for this pattern as the directions are not in a step-by-step, pictorial format.

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    Out on the Town

    This site offers a variety of eight bib patterns that can be made for any adult. These patterns offer so many options that one is bound to meet any adult bib need––there's even a tuxedo bib.

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    Gabriel's Good Tidings

    It's not a bib, it's an "eating shirt." Messy eaters will appreciate the protection afforded to them with this upcycled dress shirt bib. It makes a great Father's Day gift, particularly if you're planning on taking dad out for barbecue or lobster.

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    Maiden Jane

    This simple adult bib offers a lot of protective coverage without a bunch of fancy add-ons. Think of it as simple drape that will stay put. Use a variety of fabrics to vary the appearance.

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    Adult Bib With Love

    This free adult bib pattern is a simple bib similar in style to many baby bibs, but in an adult size that will protect clothing from stains and messes.

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    Towel Bib Video

    This video guides you through transforming a Wal-Mart towel into an adult bib that does the job by draping all the way to the knees. The creator states she can make four of these adult bibs for under $17. If you're looking for a bib idea that's absorbent, this is a great option.

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    Laura's Sewing Studio

    Scan this online newsletter to view a simple adult bib pattern and directions. This easy-to-sew bib is a great way to protect clothing and can be personalized in so many ways.

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    With Heart and Hands

    This is a great "dressed up" adult bib, especially if you add the collar to it. View the page for more ideas to get you started on your project.

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    Embroidery Library

    Embroidery Library offers this free pattern with excellent detailed instructions to help you add an embroidery design. If you're learning embroidery, this is a fun project to practice your skills with––and you can donate the finished bibs to your local nursing home.

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    Creative Bug

    This simple set of directions will guide you through creating an adult bib from towels, bias tape, and basic sewing tools. The directions are all text, so it's not ideal for beginners or anyone who likes to learn through visuals.

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    Start by piecing scraps of fabric together, then dress up your bib using decorative stitches for an adult bib that's both thrifty and attractive. The bib goes around the neck and offers good clothing coverage, giving it points for practicality too.

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    Sew With Aloha

    If you like pictures to follow when you're sewing, this is the perfect adult bib tutorial for you. Every step is shown in clear, easy to follow photos.