Work Some Needlepoint Magic with These 6 Adorable Penguin Designs

Delightful Needlepoint Penguins for Your Pattern Collection

swimming penguin needlepoint chart
Swimming Penguin Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule - Licensed to

Pick from six of the cutest penguin needlepoint designs you’ve ever seen. Stitch a penguin sailor, swimmer, warm and cozy winter bird and three wise men penguins to make into needlepoint decorations or to give as gifts to someone special. You'll definitely make a lasting impression on family and friends who visit or receive such lovely gifts.

Get Professional-Looking Needlepoint Results

With these carefully selected penguin needlepoint patterns, beginners can practice the basic stitches with...MORE professional-looking results--even if they've never picked up canvas and needle before. If you are already an old hand at working more complicated needlepoint projects, you'll still find these designs fun to work for those times when a small project is all you want to stitch.

Each project takes mere hours to complete once you have prepared the canvas and collected all the needlepoint supplies you need. In one week or less, you can stitch all six patterns.

Secret for Success

The secret is to rely on leftover threads, fibers, canvas and embellishments as well as the tools and supplies you already own. Choose your own colors and trimmings to really make the penguins shine! The results are six completed pieces that can be made into adorable stand-up needlepoint figures.

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    Sailor Penguin Needlepoint Design

    This little fella is definitely "in the navy"; and it's quite easy to imagine that he is ready for shore leave and some much needed recreation and relaxation.

    The completed design is small enough to use as a luggage or gift tag; and framing the finished needlepoint will make a lovely treasure to hang on a wall in a child’s room or den.

    Change the needlepoint penguin to fit the person for whom it is intended. Simply add a few embellishments to make the needlepoint pop and switch it up...MORE as desired. For example, if it is for a girl, add a few colorful beads to the ribbon on the hat or work French Knots for a few curls to peek out from under each side of the sailor cap.

    Spice things up by using two types of stranded cotton to work the penguin pattern.

    • Use matte finish cotton for the beak and feet.
    • Strip and thread multiple strands of traditional cotton embroidery floss and work in the charted colors for the rest of the design.
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    Gear up for cooler temperatures with this fun needlepoint project that's sure to offer pleasure to last through winter. Complete with ear muffs, scarf and a bunting to keep hands warm, this quick and easy design is sure to be a delight to stitch!

    Although hard to believe, the cute penguin can be completed in a couple of hours with whatever canvas, thread and other supplies you have on hand. This means that in one evening or a couple of hours during your weekly commute, you can finish the...MORE stitching and get it ready for finishing.

    Get instant satisfaction from watching the penguin come to life with a variety of specialty fibers and stitch techniques.

    • Experiment with pieces of blue suede for the earmuffs that can be hand-sewn on top of the stitches for a more realistic effect.
    • Work the Kalem needlepoint stitch for the scarf motif to make it look as if it is knitted.

    When the final finishing is done, the penguin makes a great hostess gift to bring to winter get-togethers; or you can brighten up a room with a keepsake box top made from this fun design.

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    swimming penguin needlepoint chart
    Swimming Penguin Needlepoint Chart. Althea DeBrule - Licensed to

    This penguin looks cool and refreshed after taking a dip in a swimming pool. Using only basic continental and basketweave tent stitches, you can make the cute little penguin come alive.

    To keep this cool look, draw a square around the design area (including the background fill section) and color the needlepoint canvas with light blue acrylic paint or a broad brush permanent waterproof marker.

    Once the paint is thoroughly dry, mount the canvas on stretcher bars and work the design as usual. The...MORE blue canvas will show through and you will only have to stitch the bubbles!

    Try This Money-Saving Tip

    Rummage around in your needlepoint supplies stash for blue, black and white threads, lay them out so you can see what you have, and then select colors that closely match those in the swimming penguin needlepoint chart. Make sure they are colorfast to avoid water damage during the blocking and finishing process.

    You’re less likely to buy thread you already have by doing this. Put these threads in small plastic bags to keep them neat and snag-free. Take them with you when purchasing additional colors you may need for the project.

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    Myrrh Wise Penguin Needlepoint Design
    Myrrh Wise Penguin Needlepoint Design. Althea DeBrule-Licensed to

    There’s no better time than the present to work these three wise penguin needlepoint projects. Included in the needlepoint collection are Gaspar, Balthasar, and Melchior--all designed as adorable cartoon-style penguins.

    Although they are a definite reminder of the Christmas season, finished into needlepoint stand-up figures they’re cute enough to display year-round on an occasional table, fireplace mantel or in a quaint bay window.

    Work all three penguins on the same piece of canvas for even...MORE faster stitching. Leave about two inches of blank canvas in between each design for finishing.

    You can achieve some very elaborate effects with a wide variety of decorative stitches, but simple ones combined with the beautiful colors of each wise penguin design can produce equally effective results.

If the canvas gets dusty as you stitch, stop and clean it by gently tapping the stitched area on the back of the canvas to shake loose surface dust and debris. If it has been soiled with bits of food or as the result of a spill, try lightly dabbing the soiled area with a dampened cloth. Let dry and repeat as needed until the soiled spots have been removed.