7 Adorable DIY Dog Costumes for Halloween

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    A Dinosaur Dog Hoodie

    Pit bull in dinosaur costume

    Arguably, all dogs are adorable. But there’s something about a pup wearing a DIY costume that makes our hearts melt. 

    These nine tail-wagging disguises have that “aww” factor. Even better, each one is a piece of cake to make using lightweight materials for your pooch’s comfort, like this insanely sweet dinosaur getup.

    How do you make it?

    The project's main ingredients are a dog hoodie and felt fabric. Here's the tutorial. 

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    A Pinata Dog Costume


    This hilarious doggie costume requires zero DIY skills to make. However, there's one expert crafting tool you will need to create this project, and it's called a hot glue gun. 

    The rest of the ingredients are strips of crepe paper in bright colors and an old dog sweater. For more project details go here.   

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    A Cupcake Dog Costume

    Cup cake dog costume
    Lovely Indeed

    You can show the world how seriously sweet your four legged baby is with this DIY cupcake costume. All of the materials for this project available at most Michaels Stores. 

    The main ingredients are craft paper, a paper mache box and felt fabric. Here's the how-to.

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    Knit Your Dog a Bunny Costume

    Dog in a knitted bunny costume
    Lion Brand

    Need a costume that will also keep your four-legged kid warm? If you have basic needle skills you can knit this cozy bunny costume.

    This easy pattern was created by Lion Brand and you can download it for free here. 

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    Disguise Your Dog as a Wolf Eatting Granny


    If you have a little girl and a dog, this Halloween costume is a real showstopper. Disguising your dog as a wolf eating granny is surprisingly easy. The wig, for example, is a shower cap covered in cotton balls. You'll find the full how-to here. 

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    How to Make a Lion's Mane for Your Dog

    Rex thinks he looks fierce. We think he looks cute as a button. New York Pitty / Deirdre Sullivan

    I made this knitted lion's mane wig for my dog a couple of years ago. To my surprise, we won a few local Halloween contests. Not bad for something that cost less than $5 to make. You'll find the tutorial here.   

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    How to Paint Your Dog for Halloween

    Bryn Anderson

    When artist Bryn Anderson posted this photo of her dog it went viral. What did she use to ghoul-up her pup? Non-toxic face paint. It's the same water based stuff used on children's faces.  You can also use one with a vegetable base. Either way, both are safe for your dog to lick.