18 Adorable DIY Baby Clothes

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Outfitting your ever-growing child can be expensive so learn how to make clothes for your little one with these amazing DIY ideas. From simple sewing patterns to iron-on transfer designs there are tons of creative ideas on how to make stylish clothes for your infant without spending much money.

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    DIY Gold Leather Shoes

    Gold Leather Shoes
    Andrea's Notebook

    Save money on baby shoes by making durable leather shoes for your precious little one by cutting an inexpensive piece of leather using a Silhouette machine. 

    DIY Gold Leather Shoes from Andrea's Notebook

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    DIY Rhinestone Onesie

    Rhinestone Onesie
    Thinking Closet

    Showcase your child's name by making them a custom rhinestone onesie with their name as crafted by Thinking Closet. To make your own you will need a Silhouette machine with the rhinestone template kit and a regular onesie. 

    DIY Rhinestone Onesie from Thinking Closet

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    DIY Comfy Leggings

    Comfy Leggings
    Make It Love It

    Keep your child's legs warm by adding a pair of comfy handmade leggings to their outfit. This handy guide by Make It Love It shows how to easily sew a pair of leggings using two pieces of fabric.

    DIY Comfy Leggings from Make It Love It

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    DIY Fleece Cardigan

    DIY Fleece Cardigan
    The Sewing Rabbit

    Keep them warm while they play outdoors with a soft fleece cardigan that has a super cute flower accent. This DIY fleece cardigan uses a rather simple pattern and utilizes inexpensive fleece as the fabric so you can easily make it affordably. To view the tutorial visit The Sewing Rabbit.

    DIY Fleece Cardigan from The Sewing Rabbit

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    DIY Sandals

    DIY Sandals
    Make It Love It

    In the warmer weather give your child some stylish sandals with an elastic band on the heel to keep them nice and snug on their feet while they roll, crawl or walk outside. To make a set of these tiny sandals, perfect for children 3 to 6 months old, pick up a piece of vinyl and head over to Make It Love It to read the tutorial.

    DIY Sandals from Make It Love It 

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    DIY Playful Onesies

    Playful Onesies
    Thinking Closet 

    These gender-neutral onesies would be a perfect gift for a baby shower where you might not be sure of the child's gender. Thinking Closet offers three free templates including homegrown, Settlers of Catan, and a playful salsa dancing themed design that can be cut onto heat transfer vinyl and ironed onto a plain onesie.

    DIY Playful Onesies from Thinking Closet 

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    DIY Newborn Headband

    DIY Newborn Headband
    The Pinterest Project

    Add some flair to a newborn's outfit with this DIY floral headband created by The Pinterest Project that is made out of an old pair of tights. 

    DIY Newborn Headband from The Pinterest Project

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    DIY Infant Pants

    DIY Infant Pants
    Oh Everything Handmade

    Sew your child a pair of these loose-fitting infant pants in half an hour using the tutorial at Oh Everything Handmade.

    DIY Infant Pants from Oh Everything Handmade

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    DIY Dinosaur Onesie

    Dinosaur Onesie
    Andrea's Notebook

    Encourage your child's creativity by letting them pretend to be a dinosaur while wearing this DIY onesie. Without a doubt, all the adults who see your child in this dinosaur costume are sure to swoon over how cute your child looks in it. Read the full dinosaur onesie tutorial at Andrea's Notebook.

    DIY Dinosaur Onesie from Andrea's Notebook

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    DIY Silhouette Onesies

    Cute Silhouette Onesies
    Polka Dot Chair

    Using a Silhouette machine create your own stencils to cut fabric shapes to go onto the onesie. Learn how to make your own cute silhouette onesies with the step-by-step guide at Polka Dot Chair.

    DIY Silhouette Onesies from Polka Dot Chair

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    DIY A-Line Dress

    A-line Dress
    Seasoned Homemaker

    Dress her up in this easy to customize A-line dress which you can sew together and decorate with iron-on appliqué. Get the free pattern at Seasoned Homemaker.

    DIY A-Line Dress from Seasoned Homemaker

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    DIY Interchangeable Bow Tie Onesie

    Interchangeable Bow Tie Onesie
    Make It Love It

    We absolutely adore this creative DIY bow tie onesie with snaps that let you change the color of bow tie that goes onto the outfit. Learn how to sew the bow ties and attach a snap to a regular onesie by reading the helpful guide at Make It Love It. 

    DIY Interchangeable Bow Tie Onesie from Make It Love It

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    DIY Heart Onesie

    Heart Onesie
    It Happens In A Blink

    Take a regular white onesie and embellish it with a big heart using heat transfer vinyl in less than 10 minutes. Learn how to make a DIY heart onesie over at It Happens In A Blink.

    DIY Heart Onesie from It Happens In A Blink

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    DIY Ruffled Bottom Onesie

    Ruffled Bottom Onesie
    See Vanessa Craft

    This DIY ruffled bottom onesie is super adorable! Learn how this playful girly onesie that uses ribbon to create the ruffle by reading the tutorial at See Vanessa Craft. 

    DIY Ruffled Bottom Onesie from See Vanessa Craft

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    DIY Little Guy Necktie

    Little Guy Necktie
    The DIY Mommy

    Is your family heading to an important event where everyone is dressing up? If so why not make a necktie for your son to wear too! The super-simple guide on how to make a DIY necktie perfect can be found at The DIY Mommy.

    DIY Little Guy Necktie from The DIY Mommy

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    DIY Drawstring Pants

    Drawstring Pants
    The Sewing Rabbit

    Perfect as pants or even pajama pants these DIY drawstring pants are super easy to sew. Learn how to make a pair over at The Sewing Rabbit.

    DIY Drawstring Pants from The Sewing Rabbit

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    DIY Duck Applique Onesie

    Duck Applique Onesie
    Thinking Closet

    Add a cute duck to any regular onesie by downloading the free duck fabric template for onesies offered at Thinking Closet.

    DIY Duck Applique Onesie from Thinking Closet

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    DIY Monogrammed Onesie

    Monogrammed Onesie
    Just A Girl And Her Blog

    Using acrylic paint and fabric medium paint on a custom monogram onto a baby onesie to create an outfit that would make a lovely keepsake. Read the tutorial at Just A Girl And Her Blog.

    DIY Monogrammed Onesie from Just A Girl And Her Blog

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