Adorable Animal Crochet Patterns

Two small, different colored crochet birds side by side.

Hello Yellow Yarn

Crochet animals are so cute, and they’re always a fun choice when you’re looking for your next DIY project. You can make crochet animals flat and two-dimensional, or you can make them in amigurumi style (three-dimensional). They make perfect gifts for all ages, especially small children who can carry them everywhere and cuddle them to their hearts’ content.

Don’t get us wrong—these DIYs are loved by adults just as much. Not only are they adorable, but they make the perfect desk accessory or windowsill decoration. They’re especially great cuddle buddies for stress relief. Add a few drops of essential oil to your crochet animal to add an element of stress-relief or to help you fall asleep.

Whether you’re a crochet expert or a newbie, dive into these adorable animal crochet patterns.