How to Make an Adjustable Bracelet Knot

Sliding Knot for Adjustable Handmade Jewelry

Buddhist Prayer Mala Beads
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An adjustable bracelet is a great handmade gift for a man for ​his birthday, Father's Day, or other occasions. The basic instructions for the sliding adjustable knot can be modified for a bracelet or necklace. Changing the raw materials up somewhat will also make these designs suitable for a woman.

Only basic supplies and materials are needed. No soldering required and these instructions are easy enough for children to make with adult supervision. First up—learn how to make an adjustable knot bracelet.

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    Beaded Sliding Adjustable Knot Bracelet

    These beaded bracelets have been very popular over the past few years. Johnny Galecki, Johnny Depp, and Justin Bieber have sported these bracelets that are easy to make and wear.

    The hardest part of making the bracelet is matching your beads to the width of your stringing material. If you are a beading beginner, round large-holed beads are your best bet. Luckily Michael's or Hobby Lobby has a wide assortment of beads. For the stringing material use knotting cord, hemp, yarn or any other material you see that looks like it will work.

    Start to finish, this bracelet should not take more than thirty minutes to make.

    If you want to select gemstone beads based on their mind/body/spirit properties, check out the gemstone properties page.

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    Laying Out the Cording

    String for Adjustable Bracelet Knot

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    After stringing your beads, tie an overhand knot on each side of the beads. It should be tight but not bunchy. Then lay the ends of the cord side-by-side.

    This example uses a string and blue yarn to provide some contrast. For the sake of the illustration, no beads have been placed on the string.

    If you're not familiar with the basics of stringing beads, check out the basics of stringing beads and bead string material

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    Making the First Adjustable Knot

    Adjustable Knot First Loop

    The Spruce Crafts / Maire Loughran

    To make the adjustable knot, cut a piece of your stringing material (my blue yarn) about 12 inches long.

    Now you will form the loops. As you can see, one end of the blue yarn is pointing up and to the right and one is pointing down and to the left.

    The top blue section is placed on top of the two bracelet cords and under the blue loop. The bottom section is placed under the two bracelet cords and over the blue loop.

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    Making The Second Adjustable Knot

    Adjustable Knot Second Knot

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    For the second knot, the top section of the blue yarn forms a loop that sits over the two bracelet cords.

    The bottom section of the knot material forms a loop that goes over the top blue section, under the two bracelet cords and under, then over the top blue looped section.

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    Finishing the Adjustable Knot

    Finished Adjustable Knot

    The Spruce Crafts / Maire Loughran

    Repeat the first and second knotting instructions until your knot is at least 1/2 inch long. Tie an overhand knot on either side of the blue knotting material and trim close to the knot. Glue the overhand knots in place with some quick-set glue.

    Caution: Be careful to not get any glue on the bracelet cords. If you do, the bracelet cords will not slide back and forth, defeating the purpose of the adjustable knot.

    If your bracelet cord tails are excessively long, trim them equally on both sides. Place a bead on either end of the bracelet cords, tie an overhand knot on each end of the bracelet cords and secure in place with a dot of quick-set glue.

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    Example of a Mala Bracelet

    Mala Bracelet

    These adjustable bracelet knots can be used to make mala bracelets which are used to keep count when meditating or praying. Check out this mala bracelet made with rosewood beads.