How to Add Color to Your Rubber Stamping Projects

There are many different ways of adding color to rubber stamping projects, ranging from the subtle shades of chalks to the vibrant colors of marker pens. The type of coloring method will help to determine the overall feel of the finished project. Each of these types of coloring media is readily available from stamping and craft stores.

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    Watercolor Pencils

    Watercolor pencils up close
    Kate Pullen

    Watercolor pencils are a popular choice for stampers. These versatile pencils allow for detailed color to be added to rubber stamping projects and make shading simple and straightforward.

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    Watercolor Paints

    Watercolor paints
    Kate Pullen

    Watercolor paints are ideal for adding color to rubber stamped images. There are many different types of watercolor paint available, including some with fine mica powders which give a light sparkle to an image.

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    Marker Pens

    Marker pens
    Kate Pullen

    Marker pens are ideal for coloring rubber stamped images. The bold colors give a vibrant finish to projects. Marker pens can also be used to color stamps before stamping the image, and this is a useful way to add multiple colors to a single stamp.

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    Blend Colored Pencils with Mineral Oil

    Use mineral oil to blend colored pencils
    Kate Pullen

    Mineral oil can be used to blend colored pencils. This is a simple technique that will take your coloring to the next level!

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    Chalks for rubber stamping projects
    Kate Pullen

    Chalks are available in a wide range of colors and shades. They are ideal for adding subtle coloring to rubber stamping projects and can be applied in a variety of ways.

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    Paint with Inks

    Add color to rubber stamped images with inks
    Kate Pullen

    Inks are a quick and easy way to add color to rubber stamped images. As well as stamping with colored inks, the inks can be used to 'paint' with.

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    Pigment Powders

    Pigment powders
    Kate Pullen

    Pigment powders are fine particles of color mixed with mica and bring a luster and shine to rubber stamping projects. Pigment powders can be used in a variety of ways and with different techniques.