About Tila Beads

Innovative Two Hole Tile Beads by Miyuki

Comparison of tile beads: Tila and CzechMates tiles
A comparison of tile beads: Tila vs. CzechMates tiles.

What Are Tila Beads?

Tila beads are small, square-shaped beads that resemble tiles. They have two holes that are side by side (parallel). Tila beads are made by the Miyuki Company of Japan. They were first introduced in 2011, with additional colors released in the following year. Like other Miyuki beads,tila beads are precisely manufactured to be uniform in size and shape.

Tila beads are made of glass and come in many of the same types of finishes as other glass beads made by Miyuki. You can buy tila beads with matte finish, AB coating, picasso finish, etc. They are also available in a wide variety of colors.

What makes Tila Beads Different?

Tila beads are called seed beads by the manufacturer, but they are larger than regular seed beads and have more than one hole. Tila beads have two parallel holes. They are thin, precision cut square beads that differ from other seed beads in both their shape and size.

Tila beads are made from glass. Because of their unique shape and thin dimensions, it is important to be careful opening packages of Tila beads and pouring them onto your work surface. According to the Miyuki website, the beads may chip or break if they are dropped onto a hard work surface.

Miyuki chose to call them Tila beads because when they are loomed together or stitched using square stitch, the beaded fabric looks like traditional Japanese tile work.

Uses for Tila Beads

Tila beads can be stitched together either on a loom or by using off-loom beadweaving stitches such as square stitch, brick stitch, ladder stitch and right angle weave. They can be used the same way as seed beads, but because they have two holes, the thread path of stitches is changed slightly to accommodate them. In general, beadwork will be finished more quickly with these two hole beads.

Tila beads are considerably larger than most seed beads at 5mm wide by 5mm high and 1.9mm thick. They have large .8mm holes that can accomodate multiple thread passes and a wide variety of thread.

In 2014, Miyuki introduced half-Tila beads. Half Tila beads are two hole beads that are half the size of the regular tila beads. 

Tila Beads come in 109 colors. One side of the bead is slightly raised compared to the other, which allows light to reflect off the surface of the bead. They can be purchased at local bead shops and online bead suppliers.

Refer to the list below this article for free bead patterns to get started with tila beads!

Tila Product Information:

Shape: Flat, uniformly sized square beads with two parallel holes

Dimensions: 5mm (w) x 5mm (h) x 1.9mm (thick)

Hole Size: .8mm

Approximately 1,180 pieces/beads in a 100 gram package.

Other Tile Beads

A similar square two holed bead is available from Czech Beads. They are part of a line of two hole and four hole beads called CzechMates. Measuring 6mm by 6mm, CzechMates two hole square beads are slightly larger in size than tila beads. They also have a rounder profile with round edges. CzechMates tile beads are available in 238 colors and finishes.

Edited by Lisa Yang