6-inch Quilt Block Patterns

6-inch Quilt Blocks for Any Quilting Project

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Perfect Ways to Use 6" Square Quilt Block Patterns

Six-inch quilt block patterns can be used to create any type of quilt, but the scale of their patchwork is perfect for baby quilts, wall hangings, lap quilts, and other small projects

Six-inch Quilt Blocks Work Well Mixed with Other Block Sizes, Too:

  • Sew a group of four 6" x 6" blocks (two rows of two each) next to a 12" square block.
  • Sew a group of four 3" x 3" blocks (again two rows of two each) next to a 6" square block.
  • Mix and match any block size that fits to create a puzzle-like quilting project.

6" Quilt Block Patterns for Your Next Quilt

  • Album Churn Dash Quilt Block Pattern - Similar to a traditional Churn Dash, but with a 3-bar center. The middle bar can be used for a signature if you're creating a friendship quilt, or simply as an extra color element.
  • Basket Quilt Blocks with Variable Handles - Choose from a variety of easy handles when you sew these cute basket quilt blocks.
  • Bow Tie Quilt Block Pattern - Choose from three different sizes when you sew this easy version of the traditional Bow Tie quilt block.
  • Buckeye Beaty Quilt Blocks - Buckeye Beauty blocks offer linking patchwork that helps you create diagonal movement in the quilt.
  • Bug Jar Quilt Block Pattern - Fill these cute jars with bugs, cookies, flowers, or any other novelty print that suits your fancy. Two block sizes are included.
  • Cancer Awareness Ribbon Pattern - My awareness ribbon quilt block is rectangular, and can measure either 6" x 7" or 3" x 4".
  • Churn Dash Frame Block - You'll find multiple sizes choices when you saw this framed version of the Churn Dash block.
  • City Streets Quilt Blocks - This is a very simple quilt block but doesn't underestimate its design potential.
  • Clustered Stars Quilt Block Pattern - Four little stars clustered in two rows to give your layout a bit of pizzazz.
  • Cracker Quilt Block Pattern - A not-so-lovely name but a truly gorgeous quilt block, especially if you love scrap quilts (illustrated).
  • Double Hearts - Grab your scraps and sew watercolor-like hearts. The 6" version (there are four sizes) is a bit more challenging than the larger blocks.
  • Eccentric Star Quilt Block - Not truly a star and not truly a pinwheel -- this quilt block is a bit of a cross between the two.

More 6" Quilt Blocks to Try

More Quilt Patterns

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