48 Hours: Cross Stitch Projects You Can Create in a Weekend

Cross Stitch Projects You Can Complete Over a Weekend

What are you up to this weekend? Got a few spare minutes? Why not try a quick cross stitch project. 

Weekend cross stitch projects are great for those who need closure when crafting. A quick cross stitch pattern allows the relaxation of cross stitch along with the satisfaction of a finished project. They are also great for those who want a little more practice perfecting their stitch technique or someone who is just learning how to cross stitch. No matter where you fall within cross stitch universe, weekend projects are great fun. Below is a small sampling of what you can do with 48 hours, some floss and a hoop. 

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    Save Your Place

     Bookmarks are the easiest weekend project to cross stitch.There are so many patterns out there and a lot of them are for free. If you are looking for themed bookmark patterns, check out Sprite Stitch. It is an online community for video games and pop culture. This is just one example, so many blogs have free patterns too.  If you are feeling adventurous, you can create your own.

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    Two Hour Cross Stitch

     If you are a newbie to the cross stitch world you might not want to dive right in to a large project. Author Patricia Boerens has written several books that allow you to stitch a project in two hours or less. There are several themes on this idea: animals, flowers, country design and every day decor. Each book has well over a hundred patterns. These books are also great for teaching cross stitch to people of all ages. They do not require complicated stitches. The patterns are small but go great on napkins, tote bags or even just left in the hoop, You can stitch one or a whole series. You can get the books at just about any craft or fabric store or order them online from Amazon. 

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    Teeny Tiny

    Most weekend projects involve cross stitch on a smaller scale. Even though the patterns are smaller that doesn't mean they are any less their larger counterparts. There is a lot you can do with mini cross stitches. You can stitch buttons, sew home decor or even have a mini hoopla wall. You can also do several mini cross stitches in one weekend and go back to work on Monday with the satisfaction of a finished project.  Minicrossstitch.com has small cross stitch patterns and supplies to get your started on your mini adventure. 

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    Just an Inch

     Have you heard of Inchies? They are inch wide art projects that are made by collage, drawing or stitching. People will either create individual projects to do a series of connecting patterns. Many times they are made individually and pieced together. You can also do inchie swaps with friends in which each person stitches an inchie up that is related to a certain theme. Pinterest is a great place to look at different examples of inchies. You can also join in on the fun with the inchie along on Craftster.org. Everyone stitches a different theme each month. 

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    Did you know that they make kits and patterns that are specific for weekend projects?  These patterns are called a Weekender; meaning that you should be able to complete it over a few days, or in a weekend. This is a vintage kit that is offered by Etsy seller Two Willow Place, but you can also find similar patterns and kits on Ebay or even your local thrift store or yard sale. Weekender patterns are usually very traditional and offer smaller scenes and samplers. These kits are never very expensive and if you are lucky, you can find seasonal themed patterns for upcoming holidays. 

Weekend Pass

Brew up your favorite tea, get snuggled in for the weekend and binge watch that favorite TV show as you stitch up a quick weekend project that will look like you spent months on it. These quick projects allow you to create something for a friend and for yourself. It's a win-win situation! Happy stitching!