How to Make a 3-D Origami Apple

Completed 3-D Origami Apple

A completed yellow origami apple with leaf.
Paper Kawaii

This origami project almost looks good enough to eat. You can make it for seasonal fall and back-to-school decor. It would even make a great little gift for your child's new teacher.

Supplies Needed

  • 1 sheet of square paper (in the example, 21 centimeters x 21 centimeters was used)
  • Scissors
  • Blunt knife or bone folder (optional)
  • 1 sheet of smaller square paper for the leaf, about 7 centimeters x 7 centimeters or similar
  • Small strip of paper for the stalk
  • Glue

Make a Pentagon

Sheet of yellow paper folded into a rectangle.
Paper Kawaii

If you'd prefer, you can use a diagram for this first step.

  • Fold your paper in half by bringing the bottom edge up to the top edge.
  • Next, bring the lower right corner diagonally up, as if you were going to fold it, but instead, make a small mark in the middle.
  • Do the same with the top layer of the top left corner. Make a small crease and unfold.

Continue to Make the Pentagon

Folding the yellow paper and using scissors to cut a flap.
Paper Kawaii
  • Fold the lower right corner diagonally to the left. It should reach the middle of the X you made in the previous steps.
  • Fold the left edge of the flap you just folded back to the right, and align it with the right edge.
  • Bring the lower-left corner diagonally up to the right, aligning it to the edge of the right section.
  • Fold the left section behind.
  • Cut along the edge of the front-most flap.

Begin to Fold the Apple

Fold the paper so it forms a triangle shape.
Paper Kawaii

Now that you have your pentagonal shaped paper, you will fold it into an apple.

  • Start with your paper apple color-side up.
  • You need to make all of the folds that end at the points of the pentagon into mountain creases. Pick up the paper and reverse any that need to be folded.
  • Push all of the corners together, and flatten the paper to become a triangular shape. Flatten and straighten out any uneven creases.
  • Fold the bottom right corner up diagonally, aligning it with the vertical central crease.

Fold the Apple

Folding the paper into a diamond shape.
Paper Kawaii
  • Fold that flap over to the left, and repeat that step on all of the other flaps. You can flip the sections around to the right from behind so that it is not uneven.
  • Use a blunt knife, a bone folder, or your fingernail to smooth out the edges.
  • Rotate the paper clockwise.
  • Fold the bottom point of one of the flaps up to meet the central crease. This new edge at the bottom should match the level of the central crease.
  • If you angle this new crease slightly off, you will end up with an apple that is thinner or wider at the base.

Continue to Fold the Apple

Folding the apple paper to create a kite shape.
Paper Kawaii
  • Flip the section down on top of the previous one, and repeat the steps.
  • As you are doing so, flip the sections up from behind so that it is not uneven.
  • Rotate the paper so that the inner triangular flaps are pointing downward.
  • Unfold one of the left sections.
  • Fold the front-most corner up, starting from the bottom of the crease on the left and aligning to the central crease.

Shaping the Apple

Folding the apple paper into a hexagon shape.
Paper Kawaii
  • Flip that triangular flap you just created diagonally up to the left again.
  • Refold the left section.
  • Using something pointy such as a chopstick, open out the flap on the left section.
  • Insert the small triangular flap with your pointy tool.
  • Repeat these steps on the other four sections.

Finish the Apple

Shaping the paper into an apple
Paper Kawaii
  • Pick up your model, and arrange the flaps so that they are spread out evenly.
  • Carefully blow up your apple. Hold on to the edges of the apple so that none of the flaps pop out.
  • Now you can shape the bottom edge if desired.
  • If the top of your apple didn't blow up completely, use a blunt object such as the end of a round pencil to pop them out from the inside.

Make the Leaf

Shaping the leaf design out of the green paper.
Paper Kawaii

Grab your smaller square paper to make your leaf.

  • Fold the paper in half.
  • Cut the shape of half a leaf.
  • Imagine the lines of the leaf are diagonal. Fold the bottom section up along your imaginary line.
  • Fold the leaf back down and keep folding up and down until you have a concertina.
  • Open the leaf out.

Add the Stalk

Adding the leaf and stem to the apple.
Paper Kawaii
  • You can place the stalk of the leaf inside the apple now.
  • If you would like to make a stalk for the apple, you can make one by rolling up a piece of paper and gluing it at the end.
  • Use some glue to attach the leaf to the stalk, leaving a little gap so that it can rest inside the hole.

You could also cover a straw in washi tape for this. There are many ways to make a leaf out of paper, including one method where you don't need to cut the paper.