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Initial Keychain

Damask Love


Getting started crafting with resin may seem intimidating, but it is actually quite straightforward and has a variety of different uses. There are a few types of resin available to crafters and each has varying hardness, so select appropriately for your project and ready labels carefully. Most resins require mixing with a chemical hardener, then can be poured into molds or surfaces and cure after 24 hours. Be sure to measure carefully before mixing your resin and hardener—exact ratios make a big difference in the final product. Silicon molds and resin kits are widely available at craft stores and online these days, so browse below the perfect resin project.

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    Sprinkle Resin Jewelry

    Sprinkle Jewelry

    A Beautiful Mess


    Turn those expired cupcake decorations into whimsical jewelry with the help of a bit of epoxy resin. Rainbow sprinkles look especially festive when converted into a matching pair of earrings and brooch, but don’t hesitate to add a bit of glitter too. 

    Sprinkle Resin Jewelry from A Beautiful Mess

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    Faux Flower Resin Tray

    Resin Tray

    Aww Sam


    Instead of utilizing a silicone mold, try instead finishing a craft with clear resin. A romantic coffee table tray, covered in faux flowers, gets a thick layer of resin to create the illusion of floating florals. Most epoxy resins are food safe, but be sure to check the label on yours before using your tray for service. 

    Faux Flower Resin Tray from Aww Sam

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    Gold Leaf Coasters

    Gold Leaf Coaster

    Sarah Hearts

    Gold leaf takes any DIY to the next level, so don’t skimp on it when pouring your resin coasters. This glitzy set will bring a fancy accent to even the simplest coffee table. 

    Pro tip: cover your work surface with newspaper completely before pouring your resin; while spills can be cleaned up with rubbing alcohol, you’ll want to avoid that fiasco altogether. 

    Gold Leaf Coasters from Sarah Hearts

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    Resin Bookmarks


    Dragonfly Fun

    A set of cute bookmarks is the perfect use for resin: they can be embellished in any number of ways and dry completely smooth. Insert a customized message, add a few sparkly sequins, or dose with glitter. Don’t forget to top each one off with a string tassel to peek through your novel’s pages. 

    Resin Bookmarks from Dragonfly Fun

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    Resin Conversation Hearts

    Resin Hearts

    Lovely Indeed

    Eschew tradition and bring conversation hearts into every season with this fun DIY. Mini alphabet beads allow you to spell out any cute message, so create a full set and gift a few -- these are great paperweights, magnets, or even brooches. 

    Resin Conversation Hearts from Lovely Indeed

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    Tie-Dye Bracelets

    Tie-Dye Bracelets

    At Charlotte’s House


    For a set of unique bangles, add a few drops of liquid resin dye into a mold before pouring the epoxy resin, then swirl with a toothpick. These skinny silicone bracelet molds can be a little tricky to fill, so opt for a resin syringe to help keep things clean and even. 

    Tie-Dye Bracelets from At Charlotte’s House

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    Resin Initial Keychain

    Resin Keychain

    Damask Love

    This quick and easy project utilizes dyed resin, which leads to an eye-catching finished product. If your resin kit doesn’t include dye, though, try mixing in a squirt of thick acrylic paint, then allow to cure for an additional twelve hours, you should still be able to develop opaque color. 

    Resin Initial Keychain from Damask Love

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    Color-Block Resin Table

    Resin Table

    A Beautiful Mess

    The perfect way to add a dose of graphic color to your home office or bedroom, this epoxy resin-finished table is a true show-stopper. 

    Pro tip: If, after you pour the epoxy onto the table’s surface there are bubbles, use a heat gun on its lowest setting to burst them. Or, in a pinch, blowing lightly through a straw should do the trick. 

    Color-Block Resin Table from A Beautiful Mess

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    Glitter Unicorn Resin Comb

    Unicorn Comb

    A Kailo Chic Life


    If you master the careful resin pouring required for this trendy unicorn-colored comb, it makes a fantastic gift or a playful vanity accent. Glitter definitely enhances this piece, so sprinkle it into the liquid resin with a heavy hand. 

    Glitter Unicorn Resin Comb from A Kailo Chic Life

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    Glitter Resin Sign

    Glitter Sign

    A Practical Wedding


    To create a truly lasting piece of signage, coat a piece of stenciled wood in a layer of clear epoxy resin. This will not only prevent any paint from chipping, it will also weather-proof your sign for outdoor use. You can’t beat the longevity of a resin-coated piece of art; hang it in your home after your event to permanently show off your skills. 

    Glitter Resin Sign from A Practical Wedding